With the knowledge in Food Science and Food Business from the Founder, who have a good intention to be a health supportive to every gender in certain age whose seeking for a safety natural product plus perfect figure as a result.

The “Bruce MCT Oil” the good fat with odourless, colorless and tasteless – the safety product from nature will improve your metabolism and give you extra energize through the day in the good amount intake.

Our Vision

To provide great health with your desire figure from the safety natural product directly to all certain age customer.

A great health not only consist of Time but as well as self-discipline and determination.

It wouldn’t be better if a great health comes along with a perfect figure as your desire.

Even 2023 is our establish year doesn’t mean that less of customers we have, for past through year, over 800 bottles were sold all over in Thailand and more increasingly this year.

We love to provide the good source of health all over the world in the next quarter of this year. We love to be part of your own health hero.

Our Mission

To inspire non exerciser or the one whose are now hesitation to make self-discipline healthier through our product by provide knowledge of MCT oil.

The Letter from Founder

Hero, the short word with a great meaning. I, myself who love spending time with great food and great body.

And as Athletic, luckily me, with the knowledge from Food Business which is include Food Science educated me about MCT oil, the Health Hero, the good fat from nature such which several found in coconut oil, olive oil and others.